International scientific peer-reviewed journal Achievements in the life sciences
international scientific peer-reviewed journal
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    Instructions for authors

       1. For publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal "ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE LIFE SCIENCES" papers of Russian and foreign authors are accepted at the interface between physics, chemistry, geology, biology, mathematics, engineering and medicine in studying of the phenomenon of Life.
       2. The electronic copy of the article should be sent to Editorial Office. The photo of author (s) is expected to post before each material in journal, then electronic photo of the author (s)should be sent, as well as brief information about the author (place of work, the degree title). Manuscripts must be typed (font Times New Roman, font size 12) on one side of a sheet of A4 with sesquialteral spaced, margins on the left - 3 cm on the other side - 2 cm. The documents should include information about the corresponding author with the direction to his postal and email address and phone.
       3. Presenting the results of biomedical experimental research they should be specified conducted in accordance with the basic rules of bioethics (Helsinki Declaration). The articles which content won’t be evident to complete biomedical ethic rules, will be rejected by Editorial Board.
       4. Article constructing scheme: title, author’s initials and names, institution, city, country (indicated for each of the authors), the abstract in English and Russian languages, introduction, methods, results, discussion, references.
       5. The volume of review paper should not exceed 50 pages, experimental studies - 25 pages. This volume includes text, illustrations (photos, drawings), tables and references. Brief reports and letters to Editorial Office are also accepted.
       6. Abstract (no more than 1 page) should provide the understanding of the main aspects of the article.
       7. Number of drawings and illustrations are not limited. Drawing and photos’ subscriptions are given on a separate sheet. The title and explanation of meanings of all the curves, letters, numbers and other symbols are represented in the under-drawing subscriptions. Method and magnification should be indicated in the subscription to microphotos.        8. Tables should be on separate sheets, have a title and consecutive serial numbering.
       9. The author is responsible for the accuracy of bibliographic data. The number of links is not regulated. References are given in square brackets by text.
     10. All sources must be numbered in alphabetical order.
     11. The paper should be edited. The editors have the right to reduce and fix the accepted papers in consultation with the authors.
     12. Papers sent out to the authors for correction should be returned to the editor no later than one month after receipt. The date of reception is the one receiving the final edited manuscript.      13. Submission to the editor works, which have been published in other publications or sent for publication to other publishers, are not allowed.
     14. If desired published version of the paper in English, the author (authors) send translation of the article. The editors have the right to edit the English version.

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